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Come, relax & enjoy.

  A stylish Tavern located on the New England Highway in Tenterfield, a quality design for your comfort and convenience, with 4 Star rated  Motel tucked away behind the Tavern, you can enjoy a relaxing meal, and a cool refreshment or two than walk less than 20 metres to your room. So enjoy a cool ale or wine including local varieties and wash away the dust from your trip, or simply discuss the amazing local attractions that you can explore.

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“Airey’s Grant” RESTAURANT –  Named after the original hotel that as constructed in 1872, now a modern Restaurant Bistro with a relaxing ambience, great for the kids, value meals and a “Rainbow Room” for them to explore. Our Restaurant produces great meals including everyday specials, and fantastic lunchtime deals.

LONG BAR – The main bar is massive and with 14 beer fonts you will be spoilt for Beer choices, a range of  mainstream & craft Beers to quench your thirst, and a great range of Wine and spirits.

BOTTLESHOP – Liqour Legends Group ensures we stock the best range with fantastic Specials, for easy access  you can pull up right at the door of our bottleshop.

MOTEL –  Special deal provides mini continental breakfast in you room. We ar NRMA 4 Star Rated and pride ourselves on cleanliness and service with exceptional rooms you might not normally expect from a Tavern. You can stay at the Tenterfield Tavern Motor Inn with 8 modern 4 star rated motel units located behind the Tavern, ensuring to block noise from the Highway.

KENO – Enjoy a flutter on Keno

TAB – 12 flat screen TVs and great seating area so you will be sure not to miss a race

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